RFQ: 21st CCLC Program Evaluator


TITLE: 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program Evaluator

The Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County is seeking the services of a program evaluator for two FY20 21st CCLC after school and summer programs. Extensive knowledge of the 21st CCLC program is desired and/or 3 years of program evaluation experience.


1.0 Summary. The Boys & Girls Club seeks an external evaluator in accordance with the specifications contained in this Request for Quote (RFQ) and in compliance with the 21st CCLC policies and procedures.

1.1 Background and Description of 21st CCLC Program Needs. The Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County has been funded by the Georgia Department of Education 21st CCLC program to implement an after school and summer program for students attending (or zoned for) Mill Creek Elementary and Mattie Lively Elementary, both located in Statesboro, GA. The goals for both programs are to 1) improve academic achievement, 2) improve student behaviors and 3) increase parent engagement.

The program evaluation must include formative and summative evaluations using qualitative and quantitative measures. Results of the external evaluation will be used by the BGC to guide program development in the short-term as well as for reporting purposes at the conclusion of the grant and long-term planning.

The external evaluator will report directly to and work closely with the 21st CCLC Grant Administrator in revising evaluation activities and questions, communicating evaluation findings, and supporting the decision-making process by supplying relevant and timely information.

Activities of the evaluator will include identifying process indicators and program obstacles; monitoring progress toward objectives; and collecting and analyzing data pertaining to the impact of the grant.

1.2 External Evaluator. The External Evaluator will be asked to provide a fee and scope of services for the evaluation of the 21st CCLC Mill Creek and/or 21st CCLC Mattie Lively programs (may submit one response with individual bids per program).

1.3 Project Objectives. The Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County requires an evaluator to conduct a program evaluation of the 21st CCLC funded after school and summer programs. This RFQ request is for one year (FY20) from October 2019 until August 30, 2020.


2.0 Response Submission. Responses to this RFQ will be accepted by email only. A “return receipt” email option is advised to confirm our receipt and review of the submission. Emailed responses are to be received by email no later than October 8, 2019.


3.0 Determination of Evaluator. The RFQ responses will be reviewed by a committee made up of the CEO for the Boys & Girls Club and the 21st CCLC Grant Administrator. For the selected applicant, a notification will be sent via email and followed up with a phone call. An email will be sent to all other applicants no later than October 10th, 2019.

3.1 Method of Evaluation. The evaluation of the response to this RFQ will be based on its overall qualifications, competence, compliance, format, and organization, taking into consideration the following evaluation criteria:


  • Evaluator Scope of Work showing tasks, timelines, and deadlines for data submission, if applicable.
  • Sample of previous work with a federal grant recipient (resume)
  • Sample of formative or summative report (desired)
  • Fee for services as follows:
    • Visits: Site visits with observation reports to Grant Administrator.
    • Survey Analysis: Federal Teacher Surveys, Parent Surveys (2),Staff Surveys, Student Surveys
    • Grade Analysis: Analyze Grade Data from 1st or 2nd 9-weeks with grade data from 3rd or 4th 9-weeks; and Georgia Milestones and iReady
    • Cayen: Review student and parent attendance, activities and other data in Cayen AS21.
    • Reports: Formative, Summative (including one page of summary results) and summer reports
    • Presentation: Upon request, attend at least one (1) Advisory Committee meeting to present data findings.

Email Response to:

21stcentury@bgcbulloch.org Closing: October 8, 2019