The Cannonball Challenge is a summer campaign developed by and for the Boys & Girls Club (BGC) of Bulloch County to raise funds and increase awareness through the Power of One.  One person is all it takes to start a Ripple Effect, hence the reason for the Cannon Ball.  Also, it doesn’t take a donation of $100, $500, or $1,000 to make a difference in the life of a child at the Club.  One person can donate as little as $1 to make a positive impact.  “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”  Mother Teresa

Using mostly social media platforms, the BGC hopes to have the support of the entire community by accepting the Cannonball Challenge and making a minimum donation of $1.  The Cannonball Challenge kick-off begins in a big way Memorial Day Weekend and run through July 31st so people can include the challenge in their summer activities that are surrounded by water.  It will be a fun and exciting way for people of all ages to get involved in supporting a local non-profit organization.   

 How do I participate in the Cannonball Challenge?
1. ACCEPT: Accept the challenge;
2. RECORD: Take a video of yourself doing the Cannonball safely into any body of water to increase the Power of One and witness the Ripple Effect;
3. UPLOAD: Upload your video to social media, tagging/challenging at least 3 of your friends, use the designated hashtag (#bgccannonball);
4. GIVE: Donate to support the Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County. Click here to donate: 

Do I have to donate if I take the challenge?
No, by participating in the Cannonball Challenge you’re already raising awareness of the needs at your local Boys & Girls Club.  However, donating will help drive forward the ability for us to provide a safe environment to the children in our own backyard that need it most.  So, participating and donating is ideal. 

Do I have to be challenged to participate in the Cannonball Challenge?
No.  If you want to take the Cannonball Challenge, do so, and be the person who starts the Ripple Effect in your community by challenging your personal network of friends and family members. 

Will the Cannonball Challenge take place again next year?
Yes.  The challenge will take place every year beginning Memorial Day Weekend and run through July 31st. 

More Information about the BGC & its purpose
The Boys & Girls Club provides a safe environment to the children in our own backyard who need it most.  We are privileged every day to offer a community of support to nearly 300 children.   When you invest in the Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County, you’re not just sending a child to an afterschool program.  Your gift is so much more!  It is an investment in completed homework, good grades, hot, healthy meals, leadership development, career readiness, and constructive activities that channel youthful energy into challenging pursuits.  Thank you for being ONE who cares and dares to cause ripples!