5 Core Areas


Our program areas include:


Academic Success

We maintain that academic success is a key to future success and encourage our members to plan for their future in college and the workforce.

The benefits that our members will receive in our Education & Career program includes:

  • Literacy, Math & Science Skills
  • Tutoring and Homework Assistance
  • College & Career Preparation
  • Learning Centers, Computer Labs & Technology Curriculum


We encourage creativity and expression in the form of arts, crafts, performing arts and music.

The benefits that our members will receive in our Arts & Cultural Enrichment program includes:

  • Fine Arts
  • Digital Arts & Photography
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Appreciation
  • Fine Arts Room, Art Materials, Contest and more
  • Field Trips and Art History Learning Opportunities

Healthy Lifestyles

We promote healthy habits and positive decision-making. We encourage goal-setting and the development of skills needed to be a self-sustaining adult.

The benefits that our members will receive in our Health & Life program includes:

  • Health, Nutrition and Overall Well-Being
  • Gender and Age-Appropriate Programs
  • Basic Safety Skills and Internet Safety
  • Teen-based Mentoring
  • Drug/Alcohol Prevention
  • Gang Resistance Training

Good Character and Citizenship

We promote a positive self-image and stress the importance of good character. We seek to foster leadership skills and encourage community service.

The benefits that our members will receive in our Character & Leadership program includes:

  • Teen Leadership Program
  • Age-Appropriate Leadership Clubs
  • Recognition and Honors
  • Community Service Projects
  • Collaborations with Community Partners
  • Understanding and Appreciation for Philanthropy

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Engagement. Teamwork. Dedication. These valuable lessons are learned by our young people when they are pushed to excel and given the skills to accomplish their goals.  Our sports, fitness, and recreation programs focus on meeting each youth where they are at and helping them set goals to reach the next level. The benefits that our members will receive in our Sports, Fitness & Recreation program includes:

  • Creates a Common Bond with Opportunities for Social Interaction
  • Empowers, Inspires & Motivates Individuals
  • Reduces Obesity
  • Contributes to Higher Levels of Self Esteem & Self Worth
  • Generates Positive Alternatives to Youth Offending, Anti-Social Behavior & Crime
  • Provides a Vehicle for Inclusion, Drawing People of Different Races, Religions & Cultures

These core areas address today’s most pressing youth issues and assist in teaching young people the skills they need to succeed in life.