21st CCLC Grant Award Announcement



Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County receives two grants for Mill Creek Elementary and Mattie Lively Elementary students

The Boys & Girls Club of Bulloch County (BGC) was recently award two 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grants to expand after school and summer services for students attending Mill Creek Elementary, Mattie Lively Elementary and zoned private school students. On August 20, 2019 the BGC Board of Directors approved unanimously to accept the grants in the total amount of $678,804 for first year with a possible four additional years awarded.

BGC will provide 120 targeted students with an after school program that offers academic enrichment, skill building and remediation in ELA/Reading and Math In addition, enrichment, social, emotional and physical well-being strategies that are consistent with academic success and the development of internal assets (positive personal growth) will be provided.

BGCB 21st CCLC will also provide students with a summer program that provides academic enrichment to prevent learning loss, STEM, project-based learning, social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, physical wellness, arts and culture. Parent engagement sessions will be offered and focus on increasing parental knowledge and skills related to personal growth, as well as encouraging parental participation and engagement with the students’ academic and social well-being outcomes. The BGC 21st CCLC program was developed utilizing the guiding principles (as appropriate) of the Georgia After School and Youth Development Quality Standards and the program will use scientifically based, research-developed and/or best practice programs and activities designed to reinforce and complement the regular school day.

The intended outcomes of the BGC 21st CCLC program are: 1) Improve Academic Achievement, 2) Improve Student Behaviors, and 3) Increase Family Engagement. Achievement measures include Georgia Milestones Assessment System, local academic assessments, local attendance and behavior data; Federal required teacher survey and self-reported survey results.

BGC serves as the subgrantee under the GA Department of Education. 21st CCLC funding is authorized under Title IV, Part B of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act.